Why Sterling, VA Is The Best Place To Live, Work and Play

Sterling, Virginia is packed with acres of scenic views and trails, public parks, and is merely a short drive to the capital of the nation. As one of Northern Virginia's most walkable areas, Sterling offers locals everything from shopping, dining, arts, history, and so much more. Currently, the suburb has over 30,000 residents that play, work, live, and enjoy the area as their home.

What Makes Sterling, VA The Best Place To Live

Loudoun County's unincorporated community, Sterling, Virginia attracts residents with its relaxed pace and green vistas. Just 30 miles from Washington, D.C.'s northeast, the city is a perfect location for professionals and families who want to live in close proximity to Virginia's historical and pastoral roots. Sterling has a good classification for population density as opposed to other towns and cities in the United States. The census-designated place is known for its income, great housing, low crime rates, higher livability score, and nice weather. Because of what Sterling can offer, many individuals are planning to move and live in the area.

A diverse community

Sterling, compared to other cities in the United States, is significantly more diverse with a diversity rating of 99 out of 100 according to bestneighborhood.org. As a town known to be very ethnically diverse, most residents describe themselves as a member of a variety of ethnic and racial groups. Sterling's five largest ethnic groups as reported by datausa.io are Non-Hispanic White (35.2%), Hispanic White (24.2%), Non-Hispanic Asian (15.8%), Hispanic Others (13.4%), and Non-Hispanic African American (7.86%). The area of Sterling has a diverse assemblage of neighborhoods that accommodates almost any stage and pace of life. Some sought-after neighborhoods are nearby to numerous things to do and visit, including shopping malls, national parks, and many more. A few of these highly regarded neighborhoods include Potomac Falls, Sugarland Run, The Cascades, and CountrySide.

Home of the Algonkian Regional Park

One of the best parks in Sterling is the Algonkian Regional Park. With more than 830 acres of outdoor adventures to explore, the regional park is the ideal place for a meeting, a family retreat or vacation, waterpark fun, outdoor events and parties, golf, or a fun afternoon in the sun. The Algonkian Golf Course prevails as one of the most famous public courses in the area, showcasing 18 formidable holes which are quintessential for serious players yet forgiving enough for the casual golfers. The golf course features several dogleg, water holes, and hills. Algonkian Grill, a driving range, a full-service pro shop, and a putting green are also available in the facility. Moreover, the park proffers an RV/boat ramp and storage, picnic tables, picnic shelters, a playground, miniature golf, nature trails, and 12 fully-equipped vacation cottages by the riverfront. Volcano Island Waterpark, situated within the bounds of the regional park, provides visitors a great means to cool off the hot summer days. For picture-perfect events such as weddings, the Woodlands at Algonkian offers a scenic and elegant natural setting providing a unique venue with plenty of room for a reception and ceremony. Various trails can be accessed within the park which include hiking trails and paved trails. Hiking at Algonkian Regional Park is mainly flat on a well-used and blazed footpath. One of the Potomac Heritage Scenic Trail's official parts, the Ira Gabrielson Trail, is utilized to hike into other regional parks such as Ball's Bluff Battlefield and Seneca Regional Park.

Offers countless opportunities

Though Sterling's not the most popular city in the country it doesn't imply that the suburb does not have what it takes to provide its locals a comfortable life. From working in various types of companies to the service industries' job posts, Sterling has an abundant amount of job opportunities. Sterling's convenient location makes it one of the towns in Loudoun County where more and more families and young professionals are moving to. Its proximity to Washington means saving time in commuting for the job in the capital. Many companies and businesses believe that the city has one of the region's strongest economies with a high manufacturing concentration and a plethora of skilled labor. The diverse economy of Sterling is due to the myriad of jobs filled by individuals who have pursued experience and skills in working with various industries. The government is Sterling's largest employer followed by restaurants, churches, and shopping malls. The economy of Sterling is flourishing at a healthy pace and is anticipated to continue to boom in the future.

Variety of activities and attractions

Sterling is not only a business hub but also a place where locals get to enjoy innumerable attractions and activities. Besides the picturesque nature that surrounds the city, Sterling offers a number of restaurants and bars which provides a fun and entertaining night. Claude Moore Park is the place to be for those with an active lifestyle as it features activities and amenities for both adults and children such as an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a place to workout and exercise, a softball field, a baseball field, hiking trails, and more. Sterling Lake is an ideal destination for people who are passionate about fishing. Sterling is home to popular museums and historical sites including Heritage Farm Museum, National Museum of Natural History, and Lincoln Memorial.


Sterling brings many opportunities not only for your career but also to enjoy and relax in life. The employment flexibility, economic stability, family-friendly neighborhoods, modern amenities, and proximity to other towns are only a few of the benefits of moving to this city. Besides being a great place to visit, this organized suburb is likewise a great place to live, work, and play.

Sterling, VA compared to the nearby areas

Sterling is one of Virginia's best places to live and Washington's suburb with a population of over 30,000. Living in this city offers residents a compact suburban vibe. Some of the reasons why people move to Sterling include its proximity to major highways, proximity to Dulles International Airport, access to the best schools in the region, state-of-the-art amenities, and the sense of privacy that comes from living in a diverse community surrounded by nature. Living in Sterling means having the convenience of all of the resources, amenities, and services that comes from the money that the county generates through tax revenue hence better parks, better trails, better schools, and better entertainment options are available while being in a lower cost of area relative to the different areas or cities that are in Loudoun County. Another pro of living in Sterling is safety which is primarily a benefit of living in Loudoun County. Sterling's crime rate is 39% lower than the state average and violent crimes are 49% lower compared to the national average. There has been a 10% decrease in crime in Sterling each year. Sterling is vibrant, diverse, growing, expanding, and these are the reasons why people prefer to live and work here.

Cost of living

Northern Virginia might be one of the country's most expensive places to live and one of Northern Virginia's most expensive places to live in is Loudoun County. Northern Virginia's cost of living is a lot higher than in different places in the country and the cost of living in Sterling is between 20-30% higher than the national average but Sterling is actually one of the more affordable places to live in the county in terms of where and how the cost of living breaks down in various areas in Northern Virginia. In addition to being in a lower cost of living area relative to everything else, Sterling offers access to all the amenities and the benefits of the higher cost of living areas.

Things to do in Sterling, VAResidents of Sterling indulge refined tastes at a range of dining scenes where genuine international cuisine like Asian, Israeli, and Italian dishes are on the menu on top of the upscale and classic American fare that is available in many locally-owned and operated establishments. The dynamic brewing scenes of Sterling is reflected in some of the popular brewing company such as Rocket Frog Brewing Company, Beltway Brewing Company, and Twinpanzee Brewing Co. The town presents a gamut of shopping experiences from one of Northern Virginia's and Loudoun County's most luxurious movie theaters at Dulles Town Center to the friendly neighborhood ambiance of the Cascades Marketplace. Recreation Sportsplex and the Claude Moore Park feature an array of cultural, social, recreational, and educational programs and activities ideal for groups and families. Summit Ropes, situated on Old Ox Road, is the state's largest indoor ropes course suitable for family outings and team building. Explore history on the Vestals Gap Road and the Broad Run Bridge and Tollhouse which is within close range of the Washington & Old Dominion Trail.

Bottom line

If you are considering living in Northern Virginia or Loudoun County, Sterling is a place to bear in mind. The suburb offers numerous things to do and it's surprisingly more affordable compared to its nearby cities. As a bustling area, Sterling is popular for its high technology data centers, suburban residential communities, modern shopping malls, vibrant nightlife, and acclaimed restaurants. Regardless of the reasons, feeling good and safe about the place where you will choose to live or have a fresh start is important.

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