Sportrock Climbing Centers in Sterling, Virginia

July 8, 2023

Sportrock Climbing Centers, opened in 2001 and situated in Sterling, VA, is a premier climbing gym of Loudoun County and one of the country's founding rock climbing gyms. As the third successful gym of Sportrock, the facility features separate rooms for fitness and training, 40-foot walls, and extensive bouldering. In 2017, Sportrock was recognized by Northern Virginia Magazine as the "NoVA's Best Climbing Gym".

A group of local climbers founded one of the country's first indoor gyms for rock climbing in 1994. The group outgrew an unused garage of an auto shop, Zich's Garage, home wall. Despite the five expansions throughout 26 years, Sportrock has remained true as a rooted top-notch climbing gym and on establishing a strong climbing community. Sportrock has several of the country's best routesetters and one of a few USA Climbing Certified Routesetters in level 5. The facility's routesetters work hard to lay the most diverse, challenging, fun, and creative boulder routes and problems.

With all of Sportrock's expansions over the decades, the centers present state-of-the-art climbing terrain along with the Metro DC area's tallest walls. Whether it is within Sportrock's walls or on a larger range reaching out to varying audiences, Sportrock expands its community using rock climbing as the platform. The site holds support and community events such as adaptive climbing, occasional Parkinson's Group, fundraisers for varying causes, and at-risk youths. Sportrock Climbing Centers are dedicated to being a learning/teaching gym. Sportrock, on top of the Sportrock Performance Institute, is devoted to developing every skill level of athletes of all ages. The centers are committed to preparing and educating climbers to attain their goals regardless of their desire to venture outside or exclusively climb indoors.

With the belief of climbing needs to be accessible to the world at large, Sportrock pioneered the DC metro area's adaptive climbing growth through collaborations with numerous extraordinary organizations. Sportrock Climbing Centers donate climbing programs and services to local organizations and schools annually as it centered on building and giving back to the community. Many national and local organizations that partner with the facility shares Sportrock's love of climbing with a circle that otherwise doesn't have access to this incredible sport.

A few of these organizations include Catalyst Sports, American Alpine Club, Change Lives Now, Howard Gardner School, Mid Atlantic Climbers, Latin American Youth Center, Wild Wilderness Women, and many more. Through the work of the Parkinson Foundation of the National Capital Area and Sportrock, the first authorized U.S. study on the result of climbing on Parkinson's disease was spearheaded. Additionally, Sportrock is the country's only climbing gym that offers a weekly, free program for Parkinson's climbers.

Expanded in 2016, the 14,000 square feet center of Sportrock in Sterling present climbing features of over 100 routes on 40 and 20 ft walls, more than 120 boulder problems, auto belays, setting rotations of 6-8 weeks, an advanced flooring system, and a climbing area for kids. Training is also provided including daily fitness classes, yoga studio, private instruction, free weights, cardio equipment, rogue rock, treadmill, system board, and multiple hangboards.

Amenities of Sterling's Sportrock Climbing Centers include member discounts, gear shops, private party rooms, drinks and snacks, lockers, showers, and free parking. The trained and friendly staff in addition to the dedicated and certified instructors imparts a welcoming atmosphere which Sportrock is also known for. Monthly clinics, climbing events, and local non-profit support are some of Sportrock Sterling's community service and engagement.

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