Autobahn Indoor Speedway & Events in Sterling, Virginia

August 13, 2022

With the simple philosophy of no speed limits, Autobahn Indoor Speedway and Events offers a premier escapade of indoor go-kart racing to countless racers yearly. Autobahn prides on presenting a fast-paced excitement that is accessible for all whether they are novices that are trying something new or professional racers. From racing pros to first-timers, Autobahn Indoor Speedway and Events guarantees that guests will be able to experience the exhilaration and freedom of driving a vehicle of high performance in a fun, safe, and comfortable environment.

Much like the most advanced, fastest cars that flawlessly perform on Germany's Autobahn, this indoor speedway also equips the best of the best. The safest barriers, professional and highly-trained staff, state-of-the-art timing system, and the world's absolute finest karts are procured with the goal of providing the ultimate encounter for everyone.

The speedway in Sterling is the United States' 11th facility and Virginia's second facility of Autobahn. Opened in 2017, the almost 1-acre center showcased the market's most advanced karts - OTL Storm EFD karts. The electric-powered, Italian-made race karts highlight engine noises' packages of sound effects with control for volume, paddle shifting option, and interactive touchscreens.

Arrive and Drive is also offered at Autobahn Indoor Speedway where no reservations are required in allocating racers to an upcoming race. A maximum of ten drivers can compete in every race to establish the quickest lap times. The Sterling speedway boasts their faster cornering, fast acceleration, and swift edge-to-your-seat euphoria compared to other locations of Autobahn Indoor Speedway and Events which kart racers of any background and ages will surely love.

Sterling's top attraction presents F1-inspired go-karts that are durably designed, easily handled, reliable, modern, and fast. Manufactured and designed in Italy, Autobahn's karts are consist of technology that has been put through continual evolution induced by both track trials and research. Each all-electric pro-kart hallmarks the elite engineering to keep the racers safe and secured while screeching all over the tracks at an incredible speed of a maximum of 50mph.

Every kart incorporates brake lights, a four-point safety harness, FIA-approved steel tubing frame, chain drive transmission, roll bars, differential axle, and disk brakes that are self-ventilating. Electric kart motors that exclusively powered the indoor speedway yield numerous environmental and competitive advantages compared to gasoline engines. These advantages include zero exhaust fumes, producing a cleaner racing experience under the roof, reverse gear, high-tech monitoring of diagnostic, motor brakes, and evenly-dispersed battery weight.

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A video game arcade is a new spotlight at Autobahn Indoor Speedway and Events. Ideal for the whole family, the arcade includes over 30 games for every guest to play and compete for various prizes. The video game arcade is the perfect diversion to spend time in after or before the track. A 50% off on all arcade games is offered during Game Day Thursday.

A month-long summer camp provides kids an exploit of education and fun where participants are shown the concept application of STEM to the real world and daily life while simultaneously aiding them in being faster racers. Racing concepts like proper turn exit and enter, racing line, acceleration, proper braking are taught to the campers with the intent of making friends, having fun, and becoming a better racer.

Autobahn Indoor Speedway and Events aims to provide a one-of-a-kind venue for meetings, company events, and group parties on top of creating the utmost racing experience. This unique facility is a place where people can indulge in the thrill and strengthen the group's bonds. From casual/no fuss to formal/elaborate affairs, the event sales managers of Autobahn works with your team to design your ideal event. Autobahn's event team assists in organizing racing formats to perfectly suit the size, racing abilities, and enthusiasm of your group.

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