Autobahn Indoor Speedway & Events in Sterling, Virginia

July 8, 2023

Embracing a simplistic ideology that discards any notion of speed limits, Autobahn Indoor Speedway and Events offers an unparalleled escapade of adrenaline-pumping indoor go-kart racing to an abundance of passionate racers annually. Autobahn takes immense pride in delivering a fast-paced thrill that is accessible to all, regardless of whether they are intrepid newcomers venturing into uncharted territories or seasoned professionals seeking to satiate their need for speed. From seasoned racing veterans to wide-eyed novices, Autobahn Indoor Speedway and Events guarantees that every visitor will have the opportunity to bask in the exhilaration and liberation of maneuvering a high-performance vehicle within a setting that is both entertaining and secure.

Much akin to the cutting-edge, swiftest automobiles that effortlessly dominate Germany's Autobahn, this indoor speedway also boasts the crème de la crème. Safeguarding the utmost safety of its patrons, Autobahn has equipped itself with state-of-the-art safety barriers, an expert team of highly-trained professionals, a cutting-edge timing system, and an unparalleled fleet of the world's finest karts. These endeavors have been undertaken with the singular objective of delivering an unrivaled and transcendent experience to each and every individual.

Located in Sterling, VA this speedway serves as the eleventh Autobahn facility in the United States and the second in the state of Virginia. Inaugurated in 2017, this expansive complex, spanning nearly one acre, showcases the industry's most advanced karts—the OTL Storm EFD karts. These Italian-made, electric-powered race karts provide an immersive racing experience complete with meticulously crafted engine sound effects that can be controlled for volume, paddle shifting options, and interactive touchscreens.

Autobahn Indoor Speedway also offers the exhilarating "Arrive and Drive" experience, which requires no prior reservations and allows eager racers to seamlessly join upcoming races. Each race accommodates a maximum of ten drivers, engaging them in a fierce battle to establish the quickest lap times. The Sterling speedway takes great pride in its exceptional cornering capabilities, lightning-fast acceleration, and heart-racing, edge-of-your-seat euphoria, setting it apart from other Autobahn Indoor Speedway and Events locations—a haven that kart racers of all backgrounds and ages will undoubtedly embrace and adore.

The crown jewel of Sterling's top attractions lies in its fleet of F1-inspired go-karts, meticulously engineered to withstand the rigors of racing while providing utmost reliability, modernity, and raw speed. Manufactured and designed in Italy, Autobahn's karts incorporate a multitude of cutting-edge technologies that have undergone extensive refinement through rigorous track trials and relentless research. Each and every all-electric pro-kart embodies elite engineering to ensure the safety and security of racers as they scorch the tracks at mind-boggling speeds of up to 50mph.

Every kart is equipped with a comprehensive set of safety features, including brake lights, a four-point safety harness, an FIA-approved steel tubing frame, a chain drive transmission, roll bars, a differential axle, and self-ventilating disk brakes. The adoption of electric kart motors at the indoor speedway confers numerous environmental and competitive advantages over traditional gasoline engines. These advantages include the absence of exhaust fumes, thus guaranteeing a cleaner racing experience within the confines of the venue, a reverse gear for enhanced maneuverability, cutting-edge diagnostic monitoring systems, motor brakes, and a uniformly-distributed battery weight.

Venturing into the realm of entertainment, Autobahn Indoor Speedway and Events now proudly showcases a captivating video game arcade—an ideal haven for the entire family. Boasting a diverse array of over 30 games, the arcade presents each guest with an opportunity to engage in playful competition while vying for an assortment of enticing prizes. The video game arcade serves as the perfect diversion to enjoy before or after hitting the track, and on Game Day Thursday, guests can revel in a remarkable 50% discount on all arcade games.

For those seeking an educational and thrilling summer experience, Autobahn offers a month-long summer camp designed to ignite the passion for learning while simultaneously nurturing the budding racer within each participant. This comprehensive program immerses kids in the application of STEM concepts to real-world scenarios and daily life, equipping them with invaluable racing techniques such as proper turn exits and entries, mastering the racing line, perfecting acceleration, and executing optimal braking. The summer camp not only fosters new friendships and ensures a fun-filled atmosphere but also paves the way for each young racer to unlock their true potential.

Moreover, Autobahn Indoor Speedway and Events aspires to create a truly distinctive venue for meetings, company events, and group parties, transcending the boundaries of conventional racing experiences. This extraordinary facility serves as a sanctuary where people can revel in the thrill of racing while forging and strengthening the bonds within their respective groups. Whether it be a casual and laid-back gathering or an elaborate and sophisticated affair, Autobahn's dedicated team of event sales managers works in harmony with your team to tailor every aspect of your event to perfection. The event team at Autobahn skillfully organizes racing formats that perfectly cater to the size, racing prowess, and fervor of your group, guaranteeing an unforgettable and bespoke experience for all.

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