Claude Moore Park in Sterling, Virginia

July 8, 2023

The Claude Moore Park and Recreation Sportsplex is a 357-acre recreational property located in Sterling, Virginia in the United States. Its unique combination of historic sights and natural areas makes it a perfect destination for that all-in-one experience of excitement and awe of everything that this park has to offer.

Explore the greenery in rural neighborhoods as well as lively commercial areas in Eastern Loudoun. You'll see green meadows, wooded areas, and serene inland bodies of water. Have a picnic in quiet natural surroundings that are suitable for bird watching, hiking, trail biking, and photography. Enter the park through Old Vestal Gap Road, which leads to the visitor's center and the Sportsplex and Community Center.

Places to Go and Things to Do in Claude Moore Park:

Rich Heritage of the Land

Experience the Native American Trail as you visit some of the must-see historic sights in the park:

Vestal's Gap Road

This historic road was used as the main overland route for planters who transported tobacco (an important crop of the land at that time) all the way to the port of Alexandria. Vestal's Gap is also an ancient road long used by the American Indians even before a treaty was signed by the Iroquois in 1722. That treaty opened Northern Virginia to European settlers.

Lanesville House

Owned by the Lane family, who by the earliest account Mr. John Keene, the husband, applied for permission in Loudoun County to run the house as an "ordinary" resthouse for travelers back in 1807.

Frogshackle Nature Center

An 1860's log cabin that was formerly located in Ashburn, was relocated in the 1960s by owner Dr. Claude Moore. The center now provides hands-on nature activities for both visiting locals and tourists alike.

The Schoolhouse

This building was originally constructed in the 1870s by Benjamin Bridges Jr., who established a school for the local farm children. The building was restored and was reopened in 2014 for public viewing

Other Historic Sites: Restored Barns, An Old Outhouse, and the Tenant House.

Outdoor Activities and Recreation Sportsplex

Conceptualized and created for the whole family, this park and its sportsplex have both indoor and outdoor facilities.


Enjoy the Park's long and short hiking trails. as we recommend all 11 of them. The popular "Scout Trail" traverses the whole park and is 3 miles long. The trails are equipped with markers so you don't get lost along the way. Don't forget to take a trail map from the visitor center, or you can check it out online.


If you are 16 years old or older, you may apply for a Virginia license to fish. Bring your rods to the 2 fishing ponds in the park as they are filled with bass, catfish, and bluegill.

Outdoor Sports Facilities

Schedule for a game of baseball or softball with the park's four-lighted baseball fields, or three other lighted softball fields in which your kids will have a lot more fun playing under the lights. Unlit fields are also available for soccer, flag football, and lacrosse. A concession stand is conveniently available with two restrooms and a meeting space, which are all located in one building.

Indoor Fun Activities

The Community Center houses a swimming pool, a climbing wall, and a basketball court. Enjoy a huge waterslide in the leisure pool. Work out a sweat on the indoor jogging track. or exercise in the aerobic studio. A multipurpose hall can accommodate functions and birthday parties.

Dogs In Parks

You can take your dog to the park provided that he or she is on a leash and that he is under your control. However, there are some areas where they are not allowed. Please refer to Loudon County Codified Ordinance Chapter 1092.21. Dogs are prohibited in the sports fields and other surrounding areas. Otherwise, you and your dog can enjoy all other allowed spaces in the park.

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