Healthy Pregnancy- What Does it Mean?

June 17, 2023

Defining a healthy pregnancy

Common people would define a healthy pregnancy as one that lasts for nine months, resulting in a healthy baby’s production. However, Dr Heather Bromberg at Palmercare Chiropractic describes a healthy pregnancy as one during which a woman’s nervous system helps the body self-heal and self-regulate the extra weight gain and other body changes.

Changes during pregnancy

Pregnancy demands a lot from a woman’s body, including a significant gain of weight, and development of various pressure points. Dr Heather from Palmercare stated some of the following symptoms of pregnancy:

1. When pregnant women gain excessive weight, their weight shifts forward.

2. The extra weight results in the development of pressure and stress points.

3. The weight gain puts more pressure on the abdomen, which increases the curve in women’s lower back.

4. The increase in the back curve can cause pain in the lower back which can result in a Sciatica in some cases.    

5. Pregnancy can also create issues like constipation, back pains, headaches, etc.

6. Pregnant women’s bodies generate a significant amount of hormones that help them and their ligaments to relax.

Hence, it is normal to experience all these symptoms.

Why do you need a Chiropractor?

During pregnancy, the centre of the body shifts and all these symptoms make the body vulnerable. Ligament relaxation and the weight gain also results in unstable joints that is why you need a Chiropractor. Chiropractic treatments overview and ensure a proper functioning nervous system, especially the spine and nervous system.

How pregnancy affects the nervous system?

Dr Heather Bromberg further revealed that a healthy and well-functioning nervous system promotes self-healing, self-correcting, and self-regulating in an organism. It will make every organ and body part function as they should.

However, health situations like pregnancy can cause physical, chemical, and emotional stress. These stresses cause nerves to be dysfunctional, also known as Nerve Interference. Dysfunctional nerves hinder the functioning of the whole body.

How do Chiropractic treatments ensure a healthy pregnancy?

Chiropractors aim to achieve a proper functioning nervous system. Chiropractic treatments reduce nerve interference, permitting the body to adjust to the physical changes and stresses that come with pregnancy.

Several chiropractic techniques help women during pregnancy. Here’s one

The Webster Technique

The Webster technique focuses on:

1. The alignment of the pelvis and the birth canal.

2. The uterus’ position.

Alignment of Pelvis

The alignment of the pelvis is necessary for a healthy delivery. A pregnant woman’s pelvis’s misalignment causes the Sacrum (centre bone) to be lodged up. This situation can shorten the birth canal, causing complications during the delivery.

An aligned sacrum allows the pelvis to open up wide so that the mother can healthily deliver the baby.

Positioning of Uterus

The uterus of a pregnant woman grows, and it isn’t healthy if it is suspending. This chiropractic treatment allows the uterus to lay in a resting position. The Webster technique focuses on the relaxation of round ligaments in the back, resulting in an optimum environment and ideal positioning of the baby.

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