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Sterling Chiropractic
Sterling Chiropractic
Sterling Chiropractic
Sterling Chiropractic
Sterling Chiropractic
Sterling Chiropractic
Sterling Chiropractic
Sterling Chiropractic
Sterling Chiropractic
Sterling Chiropractic
Sterling Chiropractic

Amazing Team! Dr. Burgess is a great listener, friendly, professional, very patient, and very thorough during assessments. He tries to figure out the root cause of the problem, explains, and create a restorative plan, geared towards full recovery. Thank you so much for getting me back on track.

My gratitude also goes to Raul and his teammates for outstanding therapy sessions. This team is not only sharp and professional, they are very courteous, friendly, and have a way of making patients very comfortable during every session.

Thanks to you all again!

Deji Ayoade

I’m so happy I finally decided to visit a chiropractor. I came across Palmer Care in a google search and submitted a request for an appointment via the website. I was called the next day to set up an appointment with Joe. He was very informative during the intake appointment.

I have been going to a Palmer Care for a few weeks, and I love it. I could really tell a difference just after a few visits! The staff is so friendly and goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is comfortable. I would highly recommend!

Tatyana Hall

Love Palmercare. Everyone is so friendly as soon as you walk in they do their best to make you feel welcome. They give a tour around the office and show you some of the equipment you can use for a faster recovery.

Dr. Joe, my chiropractor is such a wonderful person. He is really friendly and highly professional. We have become friends and constantly share with me tips to how to work out as I try to get back in shape and also get my back to get stronger.

I do recommend Palmecare not just because they can help you out with any physical difficulties in your body But also because their genuine care for their patients.

Samuel Monge
Sterling Chiropractic
Sterling Chiropractic

At Palmercare Chiropractic Sterling, our commitment extends far beyond the treatment of back pain. We firmly believe in building a solid groundwork for lifelong wellness. Adopting a holistic approach to your health, we harness the power of targeted adjustments to unlock your body's innate capacity for self-healing.

Through precise spinal manipulations, we address subluxations that impede the smooth functioning of your nervous system. By eliminating these obstacles, we facilitate improved nerve flow, paving the way for your body to operate at its optimal potential. This enhanced neural communication empowers your body to heal injuries, safeguard itself from disease, and achieve a state of harmonious well-being. At Palmercare Chiropractic, we are passionate about unleashing the natural healing prowess within you, guiding you towards a lifetime of vibrant health and vitality.

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Palmercare chiropractors strategically reposition spinal misalignments in order to restore the spine to its correct shape.


Sterling Chiropractic


Sterling Chiropractic


Sterling Chiropractic

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Sterling Chiropractic


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Palmercare Chiropractic has established itself as a prominent provider of chiropractic treatment across the United States, boasting a rich history that traces back to the pioneering efforts of Daniel David Palmer. With a profound understanding of natural healing through chiropractic adjustment, Palmer founded Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1897, dedicated to sharing his transformative discovery with others. Over the decades, our dedicated team of chiropractors has diligently served tens of thousands of patients, leveraging spinal manipulation to alleviate pain and empower individuals to embrace their fullest potential by harnessing the body's innate ability to heal itself.

At Palmercare Chiropractic Sterling, our esteemed team of medical professionals has been instrumental in assisting countless patients in the Sterling, VA area in their pursuit of pain relief through alternative, non-surgical treatment modalities. With a focus on chiropractic care and manual adjustments, we strive to restore proper alignment within the body, offering long-lasting relief from chronic and severe conditions.

While surgical interventions often come with inherent risks and potential complications, and medications merely provide temporary respite from pain symptoms without addressing the underlying root cause, our chiropractic care solutions directly target the source of your discomfort. By addressing the fundamental cause, we facilitate lasting relief that you truly deserve.

Our comprehensive approach has enabled us to successfully aid numerous patients in finding respite from a wide array of acute injuries and debilitating conditions. Among these are shoulder pain, elbow pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, whiplash, strains and sprains, knee pain, neck pain, back pain, car accident injuries, migraines, tension headaches, herniated or bulging discs, nerve pain, peripheral neuropathy, foot pain, joint pain, workplace injuries, and more.

Chiropractic care stands as an effective and non-invasive treatment option that delves into the root cause of your condition, yielding long-term relief. Whether your condition is mild or severe, seeking the expertise of a chiropractor can realign your body, restore mobility, and enhance function through alternative, non-surgical methods.

Remarkable benefits have been reported by our patients, even after just one visit to our chiropractors. These include immediate pain relief, reduced inflammation, overall support for function and well-being, improved mood, decreased joint degeneration, enhanced sleep quality, strengthened immune function, improved circulation, better posture, increased joint mobility, and reduced tension and stress.

With our board-certified chiropractors at your side, you can confidently embark on a journey toward the pain relief you deserve. If you reside in the Sterling area and seek a lasting solution that addresses the underlying cause of your pain, we encourage you to contact us today and discover how our esteemed doctors can guide you toward a pain-free life.


What is chiropractic care?
Chiropractic care, an esteemed healthcare discipline, revolves around the intricate interplay between the spinal column, the intricate network of nerves, and the encompassing musculature. This specialized branch of medicine focuses on harnessing the innate potential within the body to restore balance, alleviate discomfort, and foster optimal well-being. By delicately addressing misalignments and irregularities within the spinal framework, chiropractors adeptly facilitate the harmonious synergy between the central nervous system and the various muscles, affording patients the opportunity to embark on a transformative journey towards enhanced health and vitality.
Are chiropractors doctors?
While not classified as medical doctors, Doctors of Chiropractic, commonly referred to as chiropractors, undergo an education pathway comparable to that of their medical counterparts. Remarkably, the educational prerequisites for chiropractors stand among the most rigorous within the realm of healthcare professions. Through an arduous curriculum, these dedicated professionals immerse themselves in a comprehensive learning experience, equipping them with the knowledge and expertise to practice the art of chiropractic care with utmost proficiency. The exacting standards set forth in their educational journey exemplify the unwavering commitment of chiropractors to deliver exceptional care to their patients.
What types of pain do chiropractors treat?
Renowned for their unparalleled proficiency, chiropractors specialize in attending to individuals suffering from ailments such as back pain, neck pain, and headaches. Moreover, their expertise extends to the treatment of sports-related injuries and a plethora of other conditions involving the intricate interplay of muscles, ligaments, and joints. Yet, the realm of chiropractic care encompasses benefits that transcend these specific concerns, permeating into the realm of overall well-being. Recognizing the profound influence of our core body structure on the holistic functioning and vitality of the human organism, chiropractic care assumes a pivotal role in optimizing general health. By harmonizing the body's fundamental framework, chiropractors empower individuals to embark on a journey towards enhanced overall function and an elevated state of health.
What is a chiropractic adjustment?
At the heart of chiropractic practice lies the skillful execution of a chiropractic adjustment—an exquisite art that involves the precise application of a targeted and controlled force to a spinal joint experiencing restricted movement or being in a state of immobilization. This natural and secure procedure carries a paramount objective: to rectify structural misalignments and eradicate any impediments to the optimal functioning of the nervous system. The profound implications of this therapeutic intervention extend to the patient's well-being, manifesting as enhanced spinal function, diminished pain, and an overarching elevation in health and wellness. Through the gentle realignment of the spinal column, chiropractic adjustments unlock the door to an improved state of being, enabling individuals to embrace a life marked by vitality and optimal functioning.
Do adjustments hurt?
Within the realm of chiropractic care, the art of manipulation is orchestrated with meticulous precision, ensuring a profoundly controlled procedure that seldom induces discomfort due to the utilization of minimal force and gentle pressure. In fact, the majority of patients experience immediate relief in the aftermath of their treatment. On the rare occasion when slight soreness may arise following an initial adjustment, it has been likened to the sensations associated with embarking on a novel exercise regimen. Engaging in simple self-care practices, such as staying adequately hydrated, applying an ice pack, and engaging in light stretching exercises subsequent to your inaugural visit, can effectively assuage any transient discomfort and facilitate the healing process.
Are adjustments safe?
The realm of chiropractic care stands as a widely acknowledged sanctuary of safety, offering a remarkable array of drug-free and non-invasive therapeutic modalities for addressing a multitude of back and neck ailments. With utmost confidence, it can be affirmed that spinal adjustments, when administered by a licensed chiropractor, reside at the pinnacle of safety. This esteemed profession places paramount emphasis on the well-being and welfare of patients, ensuring that each therapeutic intervention is executed with meticulous care and precision. As a result, individuals seeking solace from their physical discomfort can find reassurance in the remarkable safety profile of chiropractic care, embarking on a transformative journey toward improved health and restored vitality.
Why do adjustments sometimes make a popping sound?
The audible phenomena akin to gentle popping sounds that one may perceive during a chiropractic adjustment stem from the release of minuscule air pockets within the joints. It is crucial to note that a chiropractic adjustment does not exert any direct influence on the bones flanking a joint; rather, its impact is targeted towards the connective tissue responsible for maintaining the integrity and stability of the joint itself. This nuanced approach ensures that the delicate balance of the joint is harmoniously restored, facilitating enhanced function and alleviating discomfort without directly manipulating the underlying bones.
Are all patients adjusted the same way?
The provision of chiropractic treatments is anchored in the principle of personalized care, acknowledging the inherent uniqueness of each patient and tailoring interventions accordingly to address their specific condition and requirements. Your chiropractor, possessing astute clinical acumen, will adeptly customize adjustments to align with factors such as your individual proportions, weight, age, and prevailing health condition. This meticulous approach ensures that the care provided is finely attuned to your distinct needs, optimizing the therapeutic outcomes and fostering a harmonious balance between your body and the restorative powers of chiropractic care.
Will a chiropractic adjustment completely remove back pain?
Untreated back pain, a perilous path toward chronicity often looms ahead. However, the advent of chiropractic care has brought forth a glimmer of hope, showcasing its remarkable potential to alleviate and even eradicate back pain for numerous patients. Robust evidence attests to the profound benefits of chiropractic interventions, as they effectively ease discomfort and restore individuals to a state of respite from their persistent affliction. By delving into the intricate complexities of the musculoskeletal system, chiropractic care unveils a realm of therapeutic possibilities, offering a beacon of light for those grappling with the burdensome weight of back pain.
Can I see a chiropractor if I am pregnant?
During the miraculous journey of pregnancy, a plethora of expectant mothers have discovered the profound benefits bestowed upon them through chiropractic adjustments. These therapeutic interventions serve to elevate the entire pregnancy experience, potentially fostering a smoother and more gratifying delivery. Adhering to the principles of sensitivity and precision, chiropractors exhibit their dexterity by tailoring adjustments to align with the specific stage of pregnancy and the individualized needs of each patient. Astutely acknowledging the intricate changes and demands that accompany this transformative period, chiropractors adeptly navigate the subtle nuances of discomfort commonly associated with pregnancy. Their unwavering dedication is directed towards optimizing the well-being of expectant mothers. By harmonizing the musculoskeletal system and promoting optimal alignment, chiropractic care serves as a catalyst for a more serene and rewarding pregnancy voyage, paving the way for a delivery that is both easier and more triumphant.
Is back pain common?
Lower back pain afflicts a staggering majority, with over 80 percent of individuals encountering this discomfort at some juncture in their lives. Remarkably, it stands as one of the foremost causes behind work absenteeism and ranks as the second most prevalent motive driving patients to seek medical attention. The pervasive nature of this condition underscores its impact on daily life and underscores the pressing need for effective interventions. From the confines of office spaces to the hallowed halls of healthcare facilities, the repercussions of lower back pain reverberate across society, prompting an urgent quest for viable solutions to alleviate this pervasive affliction.
Will I be required to remove my clothing at my appointment?
While certain procedures may necessitate the removal of select items of clothing, it is important to note that the majority of chiropractic interventions do not require such measures. However, should you have any inquiries or apprehensions regarding this matter, it is paramount to promptly communicate them to your chiropractor. Your chiropractor stands as an invaluable resource, readily available to address any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring that you embark upon your therapeutic journey with utmost clarity and reassurance.
Can I learn to adjust myself?
The intricate art of chiropractic adjustment entails precise training, enabling chiropractors to administer adjustments with utmost accuracy in terms of location and direction. Consequently, attempting to self-adjust with the same level of precision and efficacy becomes virtually impossible. The complexities involved in achieving the desired therapeutic outcome necessitate the skillful hands and expertise of a trained chiropractor. Their comprehensive understanding of the intricate interplay between the body's structures enables them to deliver adjustments in a manner that optimizes results and ensures the safety and well-being of the patient.

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Sterling Chiropractor

Sterling, Virginia, located in the picturesque Loudoun County, attracts residents with its lush green landscapes and relaxed pace. Situated just 30 miles northeast of Washington, D.C., Sterling is an ideal destination for professionals seeking proximity to Virginia's pastoral beauty and rich historical heritage.

Comprising several small communities, Sterling is classified as a census-designated place (CDP). The residential development in Sterling gained momentum following the establishment of Dulles International Airport in 1959, which led to the subdivision of agricultural lands for the construction of houses during a flourishing economy. Many homes from that era, built on single-family residential lots along tree-lined streets, feature the charming Arts and Crafts architectural style. As Loudoun County experienced growth in recent years, the real estate options in Sterling have become more diverse, offering a range of affordable housing choices in each neighborhood, including condominiums, townhouses, and apartments.

Sterling is home to several elementary, middle, and high schools, ensuring convenient access to education. Furthermore, opportunities for higher education are readily available, with the Loudoun campus of Northern Virginia Community College located on Route 7. Additionally, George Washington University has a campus in Ashburn, just a few miles outside of Sterling.

The future holds promise for Sterling commuters, as an expanding rapid transit system aims to enhance travel convenience alongside the extensive road network. The Silver Line of the Washington Metro recently connected nearby Reston to Washington, D.C., and will be extended to Ashburn in 2019.

Residents of Sterling who lead an active lifestyle have an abundance of recreational opportunities at their disposal. The Claude Moore Park and Recreation Sportsplex offers a variety of fitness, recreational, educational, social, and cultural activities throughout the year for individuals, organized groups, and families. The complex features an indoor recreation center with competition and leisure pools, a gymnasium, a rock-climbing wall, a running track, and space for special events. The sportsplex also encompasses fields for ball games and hiking trails, enticing residents to explore the outdoors.

Golf enthusiasts can choose from a wide selection of 18-hole golf courses, including several award-winning facilities. Algonkian Regional Park, situated along the Potomac River, offers a challenging golf course, a boat launch, a water park, hiking trails, and pavilions for picnics, catering to various interests.

When it comes to dining, Sterling residents can indulge their sophisticated tastes at a range of restaurants. From authentic international cuisine such as Italian, Asian, and Israeli delicacies to classic and upscale American fare, locally-owned establishments offer a diverse culinary experience.

Sterling also boasts a spectrum of shopping experiences, catering to various preferences. From the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Cascades Marketplace to the Dulles Town Center, housing 185 stores and featuring one of the most luxurious movie theaters in Loudoun County and Northern Virginia, residents have ample options for their shopping needs.

Overall, Sterling, Virginia, offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty, educational opportunities, recreational facilities, diverse dining options, and convenient shopping destinations, making it an attractive place to call home.

Sterling Chiropractic

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Sterling Chiropractic
Sterling Chiropractic
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Chiropractic care is so much more than a quick fix for neck and back pain. Babies and children struggling with bedwetting, colic, ear infections, and feeding issues can find relief with chiropractic care too! Find out more about what we can do to help your little one by contacting Palmercare chiropractor today!

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Sterling Chiropractic

Palmercare Chiropractic Sterling is located on 46169 Westlake Dr Suite 300, 20165, Sterling, Virginia.

From Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) Get on VA-28 N from Aviation Dr and Head west on Saarinen Cir toward Copilot Way then Slight right onto Copilot Way after that Turn right onto Cargo Dr and Continue onto Aviation Dr then Use the right lane to keep right at the fork and continue toward VA-28 N after that Keep right at the fork to continue on Exit 9, follow signs for VA-28 N/VA-7/Sterling and merge onto VA-28 N then Follow VA-28 N to VA-7 E in Potomac. Take the VA-7 E exit from VA-28 N and Merge onto VA-28 N after that Keep right to stay on VA-28 N then Take the VA-7 E exit toward Tysons Corner/Falls Church and Follow VA-7 E and VA-1795 to your destination in Potomac Falls after that Slight right onto VA-7 E and Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto VA-1795 then Turn right onto Westlake Dr and Turn right then Turn left then Turn right then Turn left and Destination will be on the left.

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.For additional questions you can call us at (703) 421-2990 or you can find us on Yelp.
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