How Chiropractic Care Can Help With Hip and Pelvic

August 13, 2022

Hips are an integral part of our bodies. Staying upright, playing, kicking, running, jumping, and walking are all thanks to our hips. Due to the immeasurable roles that our hips play, they are susceptible to wear and damage, which can lead to debilitating pain. Pain in this area of the body can have devastating effects. Therefore, it is wise to get in touch with a good chiropractor when you start experiencing hip and pelvic pain. A qualified chiropractor should diagnose your pain and create an individual treatment plan for you. Here is how chiropractic care can help people who suffer from hip and pelvic pain.

What Causes Hip and Pelvic Pain?

Hip and pelvic pain results from various factors. Some ofthe factors that cause hip and pelvic pain include abnormalities of the soft tissues, underlying diseases, spine or back problems, and inflammation. You can learn more about the causes of hip and pelvic pain below:

Various Injuries

Your hip or pelvis pain could be due to the result of various injuries like Tailbone (coccyx) injury, pelvic floor weakness, hip bursitis, osteitis pubis, and hip impingement. Coccyx injuries are normally caused by falls and sitting on hard surfaces. Osteitis pubis is an inflammatory condition that affects the joint of the two pubic bones. Pregnancy, obesity, inactivity,and heavy lifting are the leading causes of a weak pelvic floor. Hip bursitis results from the excessive rubbing of hip muscles. Hip impingement is a painful bony growth that restricts hip movement.


Another cause of hip and pelvic pain is inflammation of the structures within the hip joint or the ligaments and structures surrounding it. Inflammation on the structures within the hip joint restricts the femoral head's movement, creating a space. Blood and fluid fill the created space causing pain. The inflammation of bursitis, which is a sac outside of the hip, can also be the cause of your hip pain. Rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation of the spine, and inflammatory bowel diseases are another leading cause of hip andpelvic pain


Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease, which involves progressive cartilage loss and joint degeneration. This explains the reason why it is common among older adults. Qualified chiropractors can help you slow the progression of this disease and prevent existing symptoms from worsening.

Overuse Injuries

Hip and pelvic pain caused by routine daily activities that stress the hips and cause inflammation of the tendons, ligaments, and hip muscles develop gradually.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help With Hip and Pelvic Pain

Chiropractors will evaluate your medical history and perform various physical examinations to determine your pelvic and hip pain source. The chiropractor will then create a personalized treatment plan according to the cause of your hip and pelvic pain. Chiropractic care is non-invasive and focuses on using physical agents like ice and heat to reduce hip and pelvic pain. Non-invasive chiropractic adjustments, stretching, massage, and exercise therapy will be used to reduce inflammation, improve joint mobility, strengthen and relax weak hip muscles.

Turning to chiropractic care is worth it since you will avoid risky surgeries and the high costs of surgery and drugs. If you would like to learn more about how you can achieve improved mobility, flexibility, and overall function in your hips with chiropractic care, call Palmercare Chiropractic Sterling to schedule an appointment with one of our chiropractors today.

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