Best Tourist Attractions In Sterling, Virginia

August 13, 2022

Algonkian Regional Park

Algonkian Regional Park is an excellent place for you to empty and relax your mind as you will be able to immerse yourself with all of the natural and positive energy that you can feel all around you. Overall, it is a perfect place where you and your loved ones could appreciate the beauty of nature while at the same time jog together to stay healthy. If you have a fishing rod, bring it along with you as this is a perfect fishing spot that you can use to get some fresh fish that you could barbeque and eat right away with your family members.

Crooked Run Brewing

It sure is a great idea for you to stop by the Crooked Run Brewing as they have some great beers and tacos that might worth your time and money. The customer service provided there are fantastic as they are very friendly and helpful. Apart from that, they also have indoor seatings for those that prefer to stay inside and a wide variety of entertainment that features some local bands. There is a lot of events that are held there so you might want to check this place out. One of the best microbrews that they offer there is the "Cake Stout" which is amazing and delicious.

Volcano Island Waterpark

The Volcano Island Waterpark is a place that needs to be explored by new tourists that just came to visit Sterling, as it is very spacious and there is plenty of activities for kids as well as adults. You could also host your birthday party there as the place is amazingly clean andit is surrounded by a lot of gorgeous parks that would surely amaze you the first time you got there. Apart from that, the lifeguards are also super-friendly and would always be there to help you if you need anything.

Rocket Frog Brewing Company

Rocket Frog Brewing Company is a production brewery that has its tasting room that is open to the public for five days every week. Apart from that, they also offer a free tour and all you have to do is to fill up a simple request form and send it to them for verification. You may also contact them directly for any of your special events such as your love anniversary party, birthday party or a gender reveal party to have them organize everything just for you. Last but not least, the overall quality of the beers there are pretty decent and you would surely enjoy your time there.

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Claude Moore Park Recreation Center

The Claude Moore Park Recreation Center is the place that you should consider to visit if you want to swim a couple of laps, relax your mind in the hot tub with your wife or husband, and working out at the gym to stay fit. The indoor gym provided there is quite nice as it is very clean and there is also a climbing wall and rooms located at the back of the gym for other fun and extreme activities. On top of that, there is also a small pool made especially for kids so that you could spend some quality time with your family members.

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