find the best chiropractic care for ear infections

The ear infection is one of the most common and expected conditions during childhood. Despite this, there is no reason that they are to be a normal occurrence during the developmental stages. The general assumption is that ear infections stem from bacteria and that the most effective solution is to go in to the doctor and receive medicine. The underlying causes of ear infections are not easy to pinpoint. Signs of an ear infection include pain, lack of sleep, appetite loss, hearing difficulties, and throwing up. All these symptoms can be applied to a variety of conditions making it difficult to find the exact cause. Ear infections can be resolved through chiropractic care and this article will showcase this effective method.

The traditional doctor visit for an ear infection almost always ends in a doctor prescribing medicine after an expensive diagnosis. These prescriptions are meant to fight the bacteria causing the infection but ear infections only arise from bacteria roughly half the time. If the infection stems from a viral infection, the medicine will have no effect.

A chiropractic approach could be the answer if your child is having continual infections that prescription medicine does not respond to. Continue reading to further understand the cause behind these ear infections and how a chiropractor can help.


As stated, there is a common belief that ear infections are mainly caused by a bacterial infection when in reality they are just as often caused by viral infections. If there are structural irregularities, ear infections that appear to be aided through medicine can still come back. It can be hard to determine whether the infection is bacterial or viral but there is an expensive procedure in which a needle is used to extract the fluid in the middle ear allowing the doctor to analyze and categorize the infection.

Doctors today have the best intentions but resort to prescription medication even though they understand that it may not be the most effective solution. This is especially true as the overuse of antibiotics along with its effectiveness is coming to rise as we learn more about the effect antibiotics have on the human body.

“Ear tubes” are also a common solution to recurring ear infections. Ear tubes (tympanostomy tubes) requires the patient to go under anaesthesia during the surgery. All this effort is not always worth it as the tubes are not necessarily needed or even helpful in some cases.


Chiropractors, unlike doctors, are trained to find structural irregularities that can lead to ear infections. The inner ear can be affected by a spine that is not correctly aligned. This incorrect alignment tightens muscles in both the back and neck preventing the nervous system from communicating with certain structures like the inner ear.

The lack of communication does not allow the ear to fight back against infections and drain fluids that are infected. The fluid buildup due to the lack of drainage leads to infections that can reoccur. Although the traditional medicine can provide short term relief it does not address the origin of the problem leading to more medicine and even surgery like previously mentioned.

Treating ear infections through chiropractic care is a much more affordable and careful strategy. It is an ideal starting spot for children with chronic ear infections. The spine will be examined for any nerve interference. Interferences can be adjusted with a personalized and effective adjustment. With this nervous system adjustment, the body will be able to fight better against ear infections and maintain good stable health.

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